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Axie Infinity New Player Guide

This is a guide for new players of Axie Infinity. We will go over the basics of the game, and how you can earn crypto via earning SLP by playing for a few hours a day. We will outline what it takes, what your focus should be when you start, and how you can improve over time.

To set some context, SLP currently trades at around $0.127 at the time of writing this. 200 SLP is $25.4 a day or around $760 a month. This is more than the minimum wage in most countries in the world. You can track the SLP price on CoinGecko. The 200 SLP/day figure is a very achievable goal even for new players, while setting more ambitious goals as you get more familiar with the game.

Playing Axie Infinity to earn crypto is well suited for students, older adults, stay-at-home folks, and working people who have some downtime to spend outside of their jobs or day to day responsibilities. This is also especially well suited for players outside the North America/Western Europe corridor.

That being said, playing Axie Infinity is still a decent amount to earn in North America/Western Europe. For example, this method of earning compares very favorably to other online “microtask” economies like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for example, which comes at around $2/hour. If you are a gamer, you’ll be at ease in the Axie universe. The best part is, Axie Infinity is a great window into the broader rabbit-hole of crypto.

Understanding the Economics of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a crypto-based NFT game. This is unlike several other games that you may be playing. What this means is that the game characters, Axies in this case, are on the blockchain. This means you can transfer your Axies to other players or sell them on the marketplace outside of the control of the game developer (Sky Mavis). This is a powerful primitive since the players truly own the game assets.

Of course, there are limits to this – for example, the Axies are valuable due to what Sky Mavis builds, not independent of it. Even so, by having the Axies live on the blockchain, there are lots of interesting economic experiments going on with community ownership.


Even if you are not breeding, it is important to understand the dynamics of how new Axies come into existence, since this ultimately ties into your overall earnings via SLP. Unlike other games, new game asses (Axies) are not created by the developer (Sky Mavis). Instead, you can breed 2 Axies and get an egg that hatches into a new Axie.

Any Axie can only breed a maximum of 7 times. Each time, the cost to breed increases.

  • 1st breed: 150 SLP
  • 2nd breed: 300 SLP
  • 3rd breed: 450 SLP
  • 4th breed: 750 SLP
  • 5th breed: 1200 SLP
  • 6th breed: 1950 SLP
  • 7th breed (final): 3150 SLP

As you can see, for new Axies to come into existence, they need to burn SLP. The SLP itself is earned by playing and winning in the game. The more SLP you earn, the more you can breed.

SLP Market

The SLP Market dynamics are based on the following:

Inflation: New SLP comes into existence when players play the game and win

Deflation: SLP is burned when Axies are bred, based on the cost above

The demand for SLP comes from breeding.

You can trade SLP – buy and sell – on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or a centralized exchange like Binance. These are ERC20 tokens. They are mostly used in the game on Ronin, a sidechain to Ethereum. You can convert between mainnet and Ronin via the official Bridge or an OTC trade (make sure it is a reputable trader).


We won’t talk much about AXS in this guide, but AXS is the native token of the Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem. From a crypto-economic perspective, if you want to make a long bet on the success of Axie Infinity, then you should hold AXS and not SLP for the long-term. AXS will give you a share of the in-game profits in the future.

In addition, if you breed, then you need to spend 2 AXS per breed.

AXS is also an ERC20 token. It can be traded on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or a centralized exchange like Binance.

How to Start Playing

To start playing, you will need a team of 3 Axies.

Buy to Play

You can purchase Axies from the official marketplace. You don’t care about how many breeds the Axie has undergone, and you don’t care about the genes or the breeding algorithm. All you care about is the parts on the Axie.

To form a team, you need to purchase 3 Axies. Make sure they have desirable parts.

Buy to Breed

You could also become an Axie breeder. Check out the breeding guide. We will do a more in-depth post about breeding in Axie Infinity in the future as well.

The genetics and the breed count are extremely important for breeding. As described in the last section, an Axie can breed a maximum of 7 times. The cost to breed an Axie goes up with the number of breeds.

Therefore, Axies with 0 breeds are valued more by breeders. Also, Axies with better recessives are more valued.

Axie Scholarship

If you are new to Axie and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to try out the game, there are lots of opportunities to borrow a team and start earning right away. These are called Axie Scholarships. Make sure to choose a reputable scholarship.

If you are interested in NFT Geld’s scholarship, you can check out the scholarship program here.

The advantage of a scholarship is you don’t need any initial investment and you don’t need to know in-depth breeding mechanics. You start with a team of 3 Axies, and can start playing and earning SLP right away.

Understanding PvP and PvE

Once you have a team, you are ready to start playing. Before you do, it is very important to understand the difference between Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE) as it affects the SLP that you earn.

PvE in Axie Infinity

This is the “Adventure” mode in the game. In the PvE mode, you can earn a maximum of 100 SLP a day. The most important thing in PvE is the level. Level determines the base stats of your Axie. The higher the level, the higher the health, speed, and morale of the Axie.

Your goal as a new player is to level up your Axie to the maximum of level 25. This will let you complete all the levels in the game. After that, earning 100 SLP/day in PvE is a matter of 1-2 hours at most. You can get to 100 SLP for the day in PvE in 7-10 PvE games, and then focus on PvP.

The higher the adventure level you win, the more SLP you earn.

Axie Infinity SLP earning chart PvE

There are currently two one-time rewards in the game as well:

  • Win level 21 for the first time: 200 SLP bonus
  • Win level 36 for the first time: 300 SLP bonus

PvP in Axie Infinity

This is the “Arena” mode in the game. There is no limit to how much SLP you can earn in the PvP mode, within the win rate, MMR, and energy constraints.

In the PvP mode, you are playing against other players. You earn SLP when you win. How much SLP you earn per win depends on your current rating (MMR).

Axie Infinity SLP earning chart PvP

Good players should be able to reach the 1500+ level, and the 1800+ level if their team is very good as well.

Energy Management

The key to earn SLP is managing your energy well. Energy is required for the following:

  • In PvE, energy is required to level up your Axies.
  • In PvP, energy is required to earn SLP when you win.

Note that you can continue to earn SLP in PvE even without energy, but your Axies will not level up after the win.

Every account starts off with 20 energy per day, which is the minimum when you have 3 Axies. If your account has more Axies, you will get higher energy.

Axie Infinity account energy chart

New Players

If you are new to Axie Infinity, then for the first 10-14 days, you should focus on leveling up your Axies. Therefore, you should spend most of your energy in PvE. This will make it much easier to earn 200+ SLP/day after the first 2 weeks or so. Also, try to do the Daily Quest which gives you 50 SLP/day.

Experienced Players

If your Axies are already leveled up in PvE, use your energy as follows:

  • Earn enough in PvE to reach 100 SLP/day. This will take anywhere from 6-10 energy per day.
  • Spend the rest of your energy playing PvP. This earns SLP. Try to get as high a rating as you can.
  • Do the daily quest to earn 50 SLP/day.

If you focus on Arena, you could also win leaderboard rewards in the form of AXS, thus boosting what you earn from the game.

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