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Axie Scholarship: Minimum Requirements

NFT Geld is a top destination for Axie scholars from around the world. The program has Axie scholarship minimum requirements for scholars. This means being a continued scholar of the NFT Geld community from the moment that you join.

Why do we have these requirements? We want to ensure that we attract the highest quality of scholars. These scholars enjoy playing the game, and want to earn more in-game crypto-assets like SLP (Smooth Love Potion) in the game. In order to accomplish this, we have a basic set of requirements for our scholars. This ensures that expectations are clearly set from the beginning between NFT Geld and the scholars.

Understanding Axie Infinity PvE Dynamics

Due to the way Axie Infinity is designed, it is easier to gain higher SLP once you have played more. This is mostly due to PvE (Player-vs-Environment) game dynamics. In Axie Infinity, you gain EXP every time you win a level against the environment. As you earn more EXP, your Axies level up. when you start playing, your Axies will be at level 1. Slowly, as you win more battles in PvE, your Axies will begin to level up. Read more about Axie battle guide.

When your Axies level up, they get extra bonus to their base statistics. This means your Axies will now have higher shield, higher damage, higher speed, and higher morale. With your leveled up Axies, you can now win harder battles in PvE i.e. higher levels.

The advantage of beating higher levels in PvE are –

  • You earn more SLP per win
  • You earn more EXP per win, helping you to level up faster
  • Higher levels are more fun!

Note that leveling up only applies to PvE and not PvP.

Minimum Requirements for Continued Scholarship

These are the Axie scholarship minimum requirements for continued scholarship with NFT Geld. Note that these are the bare minimum, and we generally like to see our scholars earn even more SLP than the minimum. The more SLP scholars earn each day, the more they get paid.

  • For the first week, an average of 100 SLP/day
  • For the second week, an average of 125 SLP/day
  • From the third week onwards, an average of 150 SLP/day
  • Minimum of 5000 SLP/month

Given the game dynamics in PvE described above, we have set lower requirements for the first couple of weeks. We expect the scholars to use the first couple of weeks to level up their Axies in PvE. This will greatly help them earn the maximum of 100 SLP/day in PvE after the second week.

Recommended Requirements for Scholars

While we noted the minimum requirements for continued Axie scholarship above, we also want to give our scholars a recommended course of action. This is especially applicable after the first 1-2 weeks when your Axies have leveled up.

  • Win 7-10 PvE games above level 20: 100 SLP
  • Win 5 PvP games: 30+ SLP
  • Daily Quest: 50 SLP

The above actions already give you 180 SLP, and you normally won’t need to use more than 15 or so energy. The rest of the energy you can spend on more PvP games, increasing your MMR in the Arena and thus earning more SLP per win.

Scholars that exceed the recommended requirements will be eligible for an upgraded account, which gives them 40 energy per day instead of 20, potentially almost doubling their earning power.

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