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Axie Scholarship

NFT Geld

Why Join us?

We are Axie and NFT veterans. We care for our scholars.

Fair and Transparent Economics

Scholars get 60% of their earnings. NFT Geld retains 40% to reinvest back into the scholarship program and breeding needs.

Monthly SLP Payouts

We pay out once a month by sending the SLP directly to your Ronin wallet. No surprises if you have followed the rules.

Player Coaching

We provide our scholars training sessions with top players from our guild.

Robust Breeding Program

We are flexible and will accommodate your playing needs in PvE and PvP to give you the best Axies possible.

Long-Term Oriented

We want you to grow with us. We will get your account energy level higher if you consistently perform well and stay with us. We’ll help you play in external tournaments and keep all your winnings!

Growing Community

We promote for managers within our scholars and have many other exciting opportunities to work with us. Join our Discord to learn more.

What is NFT Geld?

NFT Geld is created by NFT and Axie Infinity veterans who are interested to grow the community and introduce them to the New Economy, where users own the assets they help build.

We are starting with Axie Infinity, a pioneer in the Play-to-Earn movement in crypto. You can play the game and earn some money at the same time, all without any banking intermediaries.

What is the NFT Geld Axie Scholarship Program?

NFT Geld is proud to participate in the Axie Infinity scholarship program. This is meant to bring more people into the NFT and Axie Infinity worlds who do not have the resources to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire their first Axies.

We create unique accounts for our scholars who are able to utilize these to play the game completely free of cost. They then keep a percentage of what they earn in the game with the teams we provide.

Our accounts are pre-loaded with 3-5 Axies. These are strong Axies well suited for both PvE and PvP environments. You can use this account to earn SLP.

How much will I make?

You will be paid 60% of all your earnings. We retain 40% to maintain and grow the program, acquire new Axies, and invest in breeding. We also provide other incentives to scholars like monthly bonuses and upgraded accounts to the best performing scholars.

Payments are made directly to your Ronin wallet, so make sure it is up to date and accurate. We cannot reverse any transactions once they are completed.

SLP is traded on DEXes like Uniswap if you want to convert it to ETH. Otherwise, you can also sell SLP on Binance.

How are payments made?

We pay our scholars monthly after Axie Infinity has validated that no terms were broken and the SLP is released by them. Payments are made by our team at the end of each month to all our scholars.

Note that there is a cooldown period of 2 weeks implemented by Axie Infinity. If you join us mid-month, you are still eligible for end of the month payment as long as you have SLP earned beyond the cooldown period.

You will need a ronin address to get your SLP.

If you instead want to get paid in ETH, DAI or other crypto, contact us and we can help.

What are the Activity Requirements?

The monthly minimum SLP requirement for our scholarship is 3000 SLP.

We normally aim for >150 SLP earned per day at the beginning of the program, and >5,000 SLP earned per month. There are activity bonuses to scholars who exceed the minimums.

This is not hard to reach, since you get 100 SLP in PvE per day and 50 SLP bonus for the Daily Challenge and as much as you can earn in PvP.

That being said, we understand life happens. If you are unable to play for some reason, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. Otherwise, we’ll need to cancel your scholarship and give your account to someone else.

If you no longer want to play, let us know immediately.

How soon do I need to accept my Scholarship?

Because there is so much demand, we want you to accept your scholarship within 24 hours of being made an offer and start playing. This allows us to give the scholarship to someone else if you’re not interested.

In order to confirm your scholarship, you need to email reply our welcome email that you confirm your scholarship. In addition, you need to test your login information (QR code and/or username/password) and confirm with us that you’re able to play.

What countries can scholars come from?

We are currently not accepting scholars from Iran, North Korea, and USA.

Can I play with multiple accounts? Can I accept multiple scholarships?

Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. Multiple scholarships are strictly prohibited. We have robust checks on our end and we will ban any scholar caught violating these rules.

You must only play with one account per person. You can log into your account from multiple devices, but each device must only log into a single account.

Axie Infinity aggressively monitors and bans Axies that break this rule. If you are caught with multiple accounts, your account will be immediately suspended and no SLP payouts will be made. We regularly coordinate with other scholarship managers to weed out bad actors.

Please do not break this rule. If you want to take a different scholarship opportunity, please let us know and we’ll give your scholarship account to another scholar.

Can I request different Axies?

If you have been us for at least 1 month, you can request new or additional Axies. Please tell us what you need and why. For example, tell us that you need higher damage birds to make it easier to level up in PvE.

We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I Increase my Account’s Energy?

Our top scholars are considered for our Upgraded Accounts program. This lets them have 40 energy instead of 20, thus increasing their ability to earn SLP. You will need a proven track record of good performance as a scholar in order to qualify.

My QR Code expired, what should I do?

We send our scholars an email and password to log in. Please use that to access the app instead of the QR code. The details are in the original welcome email we sent you. If you want, you can also regenerate the QR code by logging into the marketplace with your username and password.

How much is SLP worth?

SLP is an Ethereum-based token. Its price is market determined, i.e. supply and demand based. SLP is burned when Axies are bred – that’s where the demand comes from. You can sell your SLP via Binance or Uniswap. Check the SLP price on Coingecko if you want to track its dollar value.

Are you Hiring?

Yes! We are currently looking for someone who can become our program manager at NFT Geld for our Axie Scholarship.

Responsibilities include administering the existing scholarship program, support for scholars, bringing in new scholars and expanding our program, social media presence on Discord and Twitter to represent our brand, and others.

If you think you are a fit, tell us why and email us at manager [at] nftgeld (dot) com.

Can I email or DM you my scholarship application?

We don’t accept scholarship applications via email or DM. Please fill out the form above after you have reviewed all our terms and FAQs here.

How do I contact you?

You can email us at manager [at] nftgeld (dot) com.

What are your social accounts?

Join our Discord here.