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Axie Season 19 Updates: Nerfs and Buffs

Axie season 19 is now live! This is the 19th season for player-vs-player (PvP) arena battles for players of Axie Infinity. There is a flurry of updates, including the much anticipated nerfs and buffs for individual cards. The scope of the change exceeds what we have seen in the past, so make sure to read on and find out what has changed.


Before going into nerfs and buffs, let’s quickly review the season rewards. The leaderboard rewards for Axie Season 19 have been upped to 3000 AXS, which at current price of around $150 is 450,000 USD or around 22,500,000 PHP. The rewards are significant for top players, on par with a lot of esports events.

These rewards are of course in addition to the SLP that players earn. If you’re a top player of the game, or aiming to be one, you should get a significant amount of SLP in addition to AXS leaderboard rewards. If you’re a top player previously and looking for a competitive scholarship+esports league where you can experiment with hundreds of teams, contact us with proof of your MMR.

We also suggest all Axie players look seriously into RON farming since it presents an attractive opportunity for players for a limited time.


There is a huge rebalancing change in Axie season 19. This will affect a lot of scholarships and scholars who have previously relied on specific part combinations. Scholarships will need to start preparing more Axies per scholar in order to ensure the 800 MMR threshold for PvP.

Here is a list of all the nerfs and buffs of different parts from the official announcement:

Axie season 19 nerfs and buffs
Part NameAttack (old)Shield (old)Attack (new)Shield (new)Description
Doubletalk800600Ignore shield. Apply sleep to target. (this is just a text change the effect does not change)
Gravel Ant30403030
Grass Snake10202030Apply 1 poison to target.
Thorny Caterpillar1053010030
Risky Fish1103010520
Shoal Star1151011010
Tiny Turtle80507550
Garish Worm100509040
Cute Bunny1203010035
Post Fight12001100
Dual Blade1302013020Deal 200% damage on critical strikes.
Razor Bite90509555
Fish Snack60806090
Buzz Buzz1004011040
Rose Bud040050
Twin Tail300400
Red Ear1013510145
Scaly Spear1005011050
Wall Gecko90109020
Scarab1104011040Target cannot be healed for 2 rounds.
Scaly Spoon80408050
Strawberry Shortcake00040


Popular Axie combinations like “Terminator” are nerfed. These terminator axies emerged as a very attractive part combination to counter many different types of Axies. Terminator axies are a combination of Snail Shell (back), Tiny Turtle (mouth), Lagging (horn), and Thorny Caterpillar (tail).

Terminator Axie Parts
Terminator Axie Parts

In addition, some popular Aquas are nerfed. The most popular combination of Goldfish (back), Risky Fish (mouth), Shoal Star (horn), and Nimo (tail) is now nerfed.

Popular aqua Axie combination

Players and scholars will therefore need to get more creative with their Axie part combinations.

We will provide further updates as the season progresses to help players better understand the scope of these changes.

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