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Upgraded Accounts for Axie Scholarship

At NFT Geld, we strongly believe in rewarding our top scholars. These scholars are valuable for our entire community as they provide inspiration for all other scholars and show what is possible in the play-to-earn movement. One of the ways in which we reward our top scholars is with upgraded accounts.

In order to understand what an upgraded account means, first let us look at the energy system in Axie Infinity.

Understanding Energy in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity lets you earn real crypto-assets for playing their game. These crypto-assets can be converted into cryptocurrencies like Ether or Bitcoin or even local fiat. Therefore, the game provides strong incentives to gamers to do well. However, in order to keep up the value of in-game assets, especially SLP, gamers cannot earn arbitrarily large amounts of SLP. This helps keep inflation in check and is essential to getting the crypto-economics of the token right.

In order to do this, Axie Infinity has an energy system to control how much SLP you can earn as a gamer. This is how the energy system works:

  • Every PvP battle costs 1 energy
  • Every PvE battle costs 1 energy
  • You need energy to gain EXP (used to level up your Axies) in PvE
  • You need energy to gain SLP/rewards in PvE

Therefore, the more energy you have, the more SLP you can earn.

Every account with 3 Axies (the minimum for a team) starts off with 20 energy per day. If your account has 10-19 Axies, you get 40 energy per day. If your account has more than 20 Axies, you get 60 energy per day.

The energy release details are as follows:

  • 20 energy accounts (3-9 Axies) – get 5 energy every 6 hours
  • 40 energy accounts (10-19 Axies) – get 5 energy every 3 hours
  • 60 energy accounts (20+ Axies) – get 5 energy every 2 hours

NFT Geld Upgraded Accounts

NFT Geld runs a top tier Axie scholarship program and helps top scholars upgrade their accounts to higher energy. This is earned by the top scholars for the entire guild. Of course, all scholars need to meet our minimum requirements and we hope most scholars meet our recommended requirements.

The usual requirements for upgraded accounts are to be a top scholar for a given month in the NFT Geld guild. This means highest average SLP earned per day among all the scholars. However, at the beginning of the program, we are giving away more number of upgraded accounts to our scholars, so they can earn more SLP over the coming several months.

Some of our top scholars have already earned upgraded accounts and reap the benefits of higher SLP earned. You can join our Discord to learn more about our community.

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  1. Thank you so much NGT Geld for the opportunity. We appreciate everything including the percentage of sharing, the team of our axie, the promptness of you and the transparency using server and blogs. I must commend you and the person behind the success of NFT Geld.

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